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2" Horizontal

2" Wood or Faux Wood Blind with 3 1/4" Crown Valance
2" Curved PVC with 3 1/4" Crown Valance or Matching Slat Valance

A window treatment to enhance the beauty and coziness of your home, 2" Horizontals can either be made from wood, wood composite or vinyl. Both Fauxwood or PVC offer durability if you're planning to place either of these blinds in your kitchen or bathroom it's a better option as mildew, humidity and a fluctuation in temperature could damage real wood. All are easy to clean by dry dusting or with a damp rag using a light household detergent. Available in White, Off-White or Alabaster. (Wood or Fauxwood blinds are available in custom colors).

Wood/Faux Wood Blind with 3 1/4" Crown Valance

Fauxwood Blind on top of Fauxwood Blind Picture

Curved PVC with Matching Slat Valance

2" Curved PVC Blind on top of 2" PVC Curved Blind

White, Off-White or Alabaster 

White, Off-white and Alibaster